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Hyparch of the Guard - Master Strategist
Hyparch of the Guard - Mistress of Recruitment
Hyparch of the Guard - Master Builder
Captain Emeritus; Medal of Sacrifice bestowed by Icendium
Captain of the Guard - Thespian Phalanx
Faeryl Dawnshadow
Hyparch of the Guard - Dominum Tutela
Gwyar Nwyfre
Guard Commander; Medal of Honor bestowed by Icendium
Hyparch of the Guard - Ninjutsu-Zukai
Hyparch of the Guard - Storyteller, Webmaster
Captain of the Hoplite Phalanx; Webmaster; Medal of Sacrifice bestowed by Icendium
Hyparch of the Guard - Officer of the Third Watch
Hyparch of the Guard - Corpsman


Deathwatch Guard and Mature Adventures Club are joining forces!

After weeks of tense

(or convivial… but that makes for boring proclamations)

negotiations involving:

·         back alley meetings

·         secret communiqués

·         broasted babies

(don’t ask…)

·         And greasy palms

(or is that greased…hmm… I should think about my meanings…)

We are pleased to announce


DWG and MAC,

two of Khyber’s premier ‘good times’ guilds

 are joining forces!

Feel free to stop reading here if you could care less… as if that could happen…

No longer will you have to:

·         struggle with deciding where the inappropriate

o   comments

o   laughter

o   noises

o   grease spells

o   or LFM’s

are coming from!

·         wonder who to turn to when you need a hand

·         Or advice

·         Or where to find adult players who are having a good time while kicking @$$!

Instead we have rolled all this up into one


 and then…

dipped it in chocolate for you.

(is that gross? Would you prefer ketchup?)

In short, this means:

·         in deference to the founding status of MAC,

·         and the fact that they have a very active web presence already

Deathwatch Guard will be moving to the MAC home, and joining into the MAC banner.

Which really means:

that all DWG’ers, no matter how feeble and infirm, are being recalled from the field at their earliest convenience and asked to take their

·         bedrolls

·         silk sheets

·         down comforters

·         and Smurf slaves (we prefer the term ‘indentured servant’)

and move their crap (we prefer belongings)

to our new home at:

Throughout the day of Sunday, July 26, 2009; myself, and other officers of both DWG and MAC, will be online to assist members in making the transition, loot the DWG guild bank, and generally cause a ruckus.

And....the Guard Speaks!!
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”Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

- Theodore Roosevelt
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